The Company plans to acquire US Cannabis Holdings Inc., a new Denver/Fort Collins Colorado's facility for $30 million in a sale-leaseback transaction.

Concurrent with the closing, the Company and US Cannabis Holdings Inc., 
entered into a lease for an initial term of 15 years, with two five-year lease extension options.

The lease provides for an initial base rent of $300,000.00  per month,
subject to annual increases of the greater of 4% or 75% of the consumer price index.

The lease also provides for a property management fee payable to the
Company equal to 1.5% of the then-current base rent throughout the term, and supplemental base rent for the first five years of the term at a rate of
$100,000 per month.

Together, the annualized initial base rent, property management fee and supplemental base rent equate to approximately 17.% of the purchase price
of the Colorado facility.

In addition to this cannabis cultivation and processing facility that is the subject
of the Company’s sale-leaseback transaction, US Cannabis Holdings Inc., operates, the first cannabis genre specific crowd finance platform and Cannabis Infused Brands, a cannabis brands company.